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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Time:5:44 pm.
Mood: drained.

OH MAN i just bought the MOST AWESOME HAT EVER at Spectrum India...its so awesome i love it, and i got some last min christmas gifts too...coming to school tomorrow with mad gifts is gonna suck....whatever.

oh man i almost broke my brain at nates today....lol I'M LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Time:9:05 am.
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Saturday, September 17th, 2005

Time:12:11 pm.
Mood: guilty.
well yesterday was....confusing but i'll keep out the illegal stuff cuz i know some of u lj people dont enjoy reading it...althouth some crazy shit did go down.... BUT first April and i went to the Rec field and met up with Prince and....idk two boys and chilled with them for a while, went to the bus stop to go to Ethans, who April and i talked to at lunch and we had the impression (well i had the impression) that Alissa could come, so she called me and then called Ethan to see if she could go, and i guess he said no, but April and i went ne way. when we got there we ment up with Justin, Nate, Ryan and Craig....ummmmmmm it was el fun. ne way when i came home last night i fell asleep on my living room floor, which was really comfortable
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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Time:3:49 pm.
Mood: content.

well these next two days have been planned out...and if things go as they should, then i'm gonna have a fuckin awesome weekend. yep i'm pretty amped. today was a good day, i "missed" first period, and bunked mr.langella's class, yep indeed

i met a cool kid named Dan today, hes cute....and madd young haha ok bye

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Time:9:00 am.
Mood: sore and HAPPY.

last night

Montys Fan Club

Alkaline Trio

My Chemical Romance...




THE WHOLE THING WAS FUCKING AMAZING GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IT WAS THE BEST, one of the best nights i've ever HADDD IN PROVIDENCE ohhhh so much fun........i can even update about all the crazy shit that went down...OH HELL NO.......OH SHIT I saw Frank from MCR in Borders and i made him sign my notebook...BWAHAHAHA

as of now, my voice is shot, i cant move my pinky finger on the right hand, and i am all brused up, probably still dirty, lost an earing,my lungs hurt from breathing in a lot of dirt, and sore...BUT it was all worth it for the amazing showwww yayyyyy

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Subject:Eat, Drink, And Be Merry
Time:9:04 am.
today is going to be an awesome day, it already has been, i met Nate on the bikepath b4 school and we hit the squid. ne way after school today i'm meeting Annie in Prov b4 we go to the MCR, Alkaline Trio and ex- Monty's Fan Club show, seeing Annie alone would make my day but all these extra things...just make it so much better. peace
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Monday, September 12th, 2005

Subject:no subject
Time:2:27 pm.
Mood: stressed.

hmm well i'm pretty damn confused as of right now, and further more getting information from various diff ppl is even more confusing

ne way i have lots of hw....LOTS OF MATH...........and summer reading shit, i hate math its a poopy subject forever

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Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Time:5:37 pm.
Mood: flirty.

I got pepper spray on my mouth last night, it sucked

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Friday, September 9th, 2005

Time:8:59 am.
Mood: calm.
well Mr.Wolfs class was..............strange, i'm in adviosory and i just found out PSAT's are on my BIRTH DAY fuck that, well i have gym next period....dun dun ok well after i came home yesterday i went to Alissas house met up with April and Phill....um we watched Pulp Fiction then went downstairs later that night and talked to Sean about how hes going to fuck some girl down the hall from him with freckles either this weekend or in the next two weeks........yep no i'm going to go read Aprils secret entry
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Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Time:3:32 pm.
Mood: blah.

let me start off  with what is pissing me off at the current moment....if ever i'm mad or stressed, or my mom is mad and stressed, the other two members of the household carry on as usual, but NOT when my dad is pissed or stressed we all have to be like all nice and nice and like whats bothering you? and my mom is like "TURN DOWN UR MUSIC UR DAD IS MAD!" like hello i dont give  a fuck if hes mad let me just listen to my damn music, is it really that big of a deal? no


so school so far seams like i'm gonna be having a really good year, i have ppl i like in every class so far, Aprils in my lunch and what not, i have English everyday and there are a lot of good ppl in that class...ummmmm i have Mikes mom Mrs.Simeone thank god its not last period, i could not live through having math last period two years in a row, so after school i got my braces off....and her i am, i think i liked myself better with braces....i'm not kidding lol

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Time:12:10 pm.
Mood: calm.

hmmm well...no URI yesterday and no URI today, my mom has the day off, and she found out i was planning on going and she got all pissy about it. ne way so i guess idk...ne way so since my mom has the day off today i believe that means i'm going to go shopping with her or something to return a shirt and so i can get a new back pack, ne way i think i'll be hangin out with April and probably everyone else today after April finishes babysitting this little girl at 4......um i'm fucking hungry right now

yesterday, April came over, then we went to her house, then Craig came by and picked us up and we went to his house and i drew all over the Hippie Hole, and then we went to Ethans where we met up with Alissa and the Goat/Joe ne way we consumed a strange mix drink Ethan made, and watched weird videos like Randy to what ever....um yep thats about it i've decided that i'm def doing way less illegal things when school starts, i can save that for the weekends.

school tomorow....yep

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Time:1:02 pm.
Mood: excited.

ok the past few days have been routine, ne way i'm talking to Sean right now and he wants us to go to URI and get drunk with him on the beach, sounds good to me, the problem is we have to take the bus there, and that SUCKS but if that doesnt work out today, which it probably wont, then thats what i'll be trying to do tomorrow........huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh da DUN DUN um well........................idk i have like nothing to talk about right now so......ttyl

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Subject:"i dont fit in so why do you want me?"
Time:12:16 pm.
Mood: apathetic.

hmm i've decided today i'm going to spend the day with my mom....beacause all summer i've been pretty mean to her cuz she keeps like poking and proding into my life, but i know shes only doing it cuz she cares, also i want to spend today with my mom cuz for the past 5 days i've smoked once or more and i think that is way to much, and i know i wont be doing that with my mom lol....ne way yesterday was fun but i dont want to type it out, u can probably guess what happend, me April, Alissa, Craig and Justin in the woods...what happens there? yes its predictable, my life is becoming predictable, and u know what we dad last night? we went to WaterFires but i'm not complaining about that i love that....ne way

let me take this space on your friends page to vent to you about absolutely nothing. um idk actually what to complain about, i feel that i should be but there is nothing for me to complain about, ahhh here i will tell you something pathetic, i look at my cell this morning and it was like...one missed call, so i look and its Sean, so i called him back and hes like "Do you have Terry's cell number?" i was like "yea" and i have to say for a super little split second i actually had my hopes up that he was gonna say something worth my time....and that wasnt especially cuz i already gave him Terry's fucking number.....ne way i dont know what April and Alissa are doing today but i dont think i'm going to know, well i'll call April when i get off...um who the fuck knows blah

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Time:12:03 pm.
Mood: crazy.

woah yesterday was sorta crazy......ok at this one point of yesterday Nate, April and i were trying to break into my house cuz they wanted to eat and i didnt have my key, but my house is WICKED hard to break into, but we finally got Nate to climb through a window after we broke into my porch...ne way i was like telling Nate from outside what the pass code was to type into my alarm system, and like nothing happened so i had him open the door, and let me try it, so i was messing around with the alarm cuz it wouldnt disarm and it wouldnt like go off so i didnt know what was going on.....then it started going off  IT WAS SO FUCKING LOUD, so for like 5 mins we were trying to make it stop and then Nate was in the other room and hes like "HOLEY SHIT A COP IS AT YOUR HOUSE"  ( cuz the ADT company disbatches a cop to your house when the alarm goes off) i'm like "SHIT" Nates like "AM I GONNA GET SEARCHED?!?!? where am i gonna put my bowl?!?!?!" i'm like "UR NOT GONNA GET SEARCHED!!" hes like "CAN I PUT IT IN UR PURSE?!" I'M LIKE "FUCK NO!" we were panicking so bad and April was like "I'LL HOLD ONTO IT ITS OK IF I GET SEARCHED FOR DRUGS MY DAD KNOWS LIKE ALL THE COPS" and i'm like ahhh stop talking about drugs he can hear us from outside, cuz this was all just going so fast the cop didnt even get from his car to my house yet....so the cop comes onto my porch and the alarm is still wicked SCREAMING LOUD.....and hes like "IS THIS YOUR HOUSE?!" i'm like yelling to him "YEA" hes like "WELL HOW DO I KNOW ITS YOUR HOUSE? DO YOU HAVE NE ID?" i'm like shit where is my school ID thing? but i just gave him a pic of me off my fridge....so he was like "OK I'LL GIVE YOU THE NUMBER FOR THE ALARM COMPANY" cuz u have to call them and tell them to make the fucking thing stop making noise, and i couldnt find the number, so i called the ADT ppl and they stopped my alarm and the cop left.....

after we survived the attack of my house, we went to this kid Noah's house, but he wasnt there so we decided to go smoke with Justin, but April didtn want to so she left, and we went into those woods by the Rec, did our business and watched the cheerleading practice, talked to Hayley and Amanda, went on Hayleys trampoline, went to the swings at the Rec and i swear to God i coulda gotten rapped by this crazy freaky guy that was talking to me and Nate he was like "ooh your lookin good i wanna lick some pussy" i was like in my head RUN AWAY LAUREN...i was wishing so bad i had my pepper spray but it was in the car, he was like "U WANNA COME FOR A RIDE IN MY CAR?!?! U WANNA DRIVE IT?!?!?!" i was like....."no" SCARY then i told him to go away cuz i didnt know him but he was talking to me and Nate for like 30 mins, and Justin was on the swings talking to these like middle schoolers lol....ne way from there we went to Kyles house...Kile? idk how to spell his name, and we smoked some more at his house, left and went to TocoBell its its open lateee and tastes good, then....................i dont remember what happened after that, we came back to Riverside and............idk

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Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Time:12:41 pm.
well yesterday went as follows, April and i were supposed to go on a picnic with Justin, Craig, Cara, and Emily, and Ally, but April didnt want to go, and we all wounldnt fit into Justins car ne way, so April and i went shopping with Sarah, oh b4 we went shopping i went to go harass this lady about giving me a job but she wasnt even there, so ne way we went shopping, went back to Sarahs and made pizza, then Sarah had to go to her band practice so April and i went to Alissas, from there we went to Ethans, where we eventually met up with Sean and Mike/Matt...um we went to the park, smoked, went on the swings, and went back to Ethans Sean and Mike left and Ethan is trying to make me like a list of ppl i should go out with or something....um it was a little weird actually but not so bad i guess.....ne way i today is pretty much going, i'm meeting April at 1, we're going shopping again with Sarah at Emerald Mall, um at some point April and i are going to combine our money and have John buy us some Mikes woo........um well i think Nate is now joining us today
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Subject:"your taking up my time"
Time:12:17 pm.
Mood: contemplative.

ok well.....yesterday i helped April baby sit till four-o-clock...then we met up with Justin and went to Agawam or whatever the fuck those woods are called, Justin smoked us up and we went swinging. IT WAS SO FUN....but then again its always fun swinging at those woods, then we went back to Justins house, made cookies and watched House Of A Tthousand Corpses , then we went to The Point and played around for a while, and then it was like 10 so i had to go hommeeee

the day b4 yesterday, after my doctors appointment i met up with April and Alissa at Ethans i guess it was like 6 PM and from 6-10PM we just sat in Ethans room with no music on (thats a first) just talking about like life and stuff, i love doing that. um and today? Today the plan is that me, April, Justin, Ally, and Craig are gonna go have a pick-nick in the woods and swing and have funnnnn, but summers almost over so we gotta live it up.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Time:12:08 pm.
Mood: restless.
well.....yesterday April and i went to Providence adventured for a while and then met up with John, we walked with John to Thayer, John toyed with my emotions for a while when i told him Sean and i broke up cuz John for some reason thinks its cute when i cry and i guess i got more attatched to Sean than i thought i did , and then he invited us to i think it was Cisco's art show later on that night but that was a no, THEN IT STARTED RAINING LIKE HELL and April and i went to my house and then Ally called me and was like "yo you wanna go to the drive in with me and Justin?" i was like hell yea cuz i've never been to a drive in movie, but April couldnt go so we dropped her off and i went to Allys house, and Justin drove over and we headed to Seakonk (sp?) to pick up....then we got Brendan and went to the movies, but we got there late and we watched the Skeleton Key and The 40 Year Old Virgin....um OMG then we scored a BOX of free hot dogs and hamburgers from this kid who worked there and it was so sweet. and i didnt go to AS220 to see the show but its ok i still had fun.
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Monday, August 29th, 2005

Time:12:09 pm.

well............yesterday i went over Aprils to hang with her and Craig, and i guess they could tell i was....not in a good mood then they started making me think about why i was unhappy which was because i had no idea wtf Sean had been doing for the past like 5 days........and then such i cried on Craig for a while....ummmmmmmm then Sean and Ryan came over later that night....and Craig left and then we all were just idk why sitting in RiverSide square and Sean was all like "we need to talk" and i mean come on now, thats never a good thing. so ne way we broke up because hes going to URI and it would never work out, even though i told him that him going to URI would b a problem b4 we even started going out, and he explained that he was like i guess thinking about breaking up for the past days that i didnt see him, and thats why i didnt see him, but i'm not really upset about the breakup so its ok we're still friends....BUT NE WAY tonight April and I wanna go to AS220 show at 11...idk if thats gonna happen but we'll see, welre also trying to make it to Johns when he gets out of work but idk how we're gonna get to Prov, and Craig wants to just have a movie night thing at his house so idk



"All in all this chapters not bad"

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Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Subject:WHATTTT yesterday was pretty eventfull so.....here it is
Time:12:27 pm.
Mood: pleased.

ok so yesterday started out with me, Alissa, and April goign to Providence to go shopping, we hit up the mall first, they got some cloths and we got Volume 2 of the stoner book, um we got lunch in the food court and then combined all our left overs into this one dray thing that we decided to give to a randome homeless guy in Providence later on. so then we started heading to Thayer St. and on our way we took a break in that little grassy field thing on Benefit St where all the RISD kids just chill, but no one was there so we took like a short nap type of thing, and RANDOMLY WEIRDLY while we were sitting there some guy just comes by with a ukelele (i have no idea how to spell it, but u know its like the ity-bity guitar that u think hawaiians play???) ne way he was just walking down the street playing it, it was quite the sight...so then we headed on up to Thayer some more.....we got there and found a homeless guy and gave him some dinner, then we went into Spectrum India and we saw Sam made arrangements to meet her later on at WaterFires, and then we shopped some more, and we saw JoJo in the Army/Navy store, and i got some sweet jeans at Urban Outfitters, then we headed back to the grassy RISD place cuz April was dying of a headache, stayed there for like idk mayb an hour, then we had to go to Borders to meet Ethan, BUT on our way there we saw this COVERED WAGGON DRAWN BY A HORSE, and we talked to the horse ppl, and then we went on a ride around Providence in a covered waggon!!!!! IT WAS SO SWEET, especially cuz it goes slow and all the cars behind us were pissed cuz we were in like a one lane side street....so then we were late for the time we were supposed to meet Ethan at Borders, and we thought he like left so we went in Borders, even though we were supposed to meet him outside on the street side, but while we were in there we found Cara and Emily.....then we went back to the street and found Ethan, and found Cara and Emily again and chilled with them for a while until thier mom had to pick them up or something, so then me, April, Alissa, and Ethan went walking around WaterFires, cuz well now its night time in the story, then we chillled at the Monument for like a while and i talked to John and he said he was coming to meet us at the monument, but in the mean while Alissa and Ethan left cuz they had to like walk or something, and April and i were supposed to stay there and wait for them to come back, but then after Alissa and Ethan left, John and his friend Tay came and they were like...."Wanna come to our friends pary? its in his appartment just over there on the top floor, and theres a place where u can go on the roof and see like all of Providence" and i was like....ok stop pulling my leg John...but we went with them ne way and this kid Tay was soooooooooo fucking drunk man, and while we were all walking to the party April and i were talking to John and Tay about what we dont like about our boyfriends...and Tay kept saying "DUMP THE CHUMP AND GET WITH A HUNK" like over and over again, and he was like making me and April say it too, lol John was like filming random ppl in the street and Tay dancing with random ppl, and Tay invited us to his show tomorrow at AS220 so we're def going, and so then we finnally get the the appartment and its like SO sweet, the party was verryyyyy sweet too, so then John took us to the roof part and your like at eye level witht he Biltmore sign, it was so cool to see Providence from so high up and we talked to John for a while there and Tay was off being drunk somewhere, but soon it was getting late and we had to go back to meet Ethan and Alissa at the Monument, so we grabbed some beers for the road, and started heading back...and while we were walking back me and April were like about to cross the street when we realized we had beers in our hands the the police officer crossing guard would been like "PUBLIC DRINKING IS ILLEGAL" so we finished them off and threw them away, actually we were already done drinking and idk y we had the empty bottles, ne way so we got accross the street ok, oh yea i forgot before that when we were still walking Sean called and was like, "oh we'll meet you at the Monument" or soemthing like that, ne way so when we finally got to the Monument, Sean, Ryan, Alissa and Ethan were all there waiting for us, then my cousin calls and was like "me and Joe are gonna meet you at the Monument" so i'm like meeting a gazillion ppl at the monument and i had to give like the majority of them a ride home, except obviously Sean, Ethan and Ryan, so we bitch packed my car and went home...


all in all yesterday was a really good day, i left out the part were in the morning i visited my grandma with my mom...cuz well thats boring and i dont think you care about that very much, i just noticed that i made every thing that was capitolized pink.... well.....yea bye....OH YEA tonight April and I are goign to Johns appartment and watching the Matrix cuz, well we've never seen it and John wants us to. yay

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Subject:"if you listen, listen close"
Time:12:13 pm.
Mood: sad.
uhgggg well other than me feeling pretty sad today, i'm looking forward to going shopping with Alissa and April and then hitting up WaterFires with mayb Craig if hes like alive... ummmmmmmmmmmmm yea
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